Harry Potter’s Hermione Is Black?

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Some controversy has been stirred up recently with the casting of a black actor, Noma Dumezweni, for the role of Hermione in a stage production of the next chapter in J. K. Rowling’s mega book series. There seem to be two camps of thought ranging from “don’t change the character” to “it’s great – she was never fully described in the first place”. Regardless of where you fall, the core of the issue lies in how we perceive characters with less than exact descriptions in books. I talk about this in my latest YouTube video below. Watch now, give me a thumbs up, and join the discussion!

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A Black Slave Master


The Known World

Edward P. Jones’s novel takes a unique angle on the slave narrative with its focus on a black slave owner. In my new YouTube video, I give my initial impressions of the first 100 pages and talk about what we can take away from it as writers.

One thing of note about the diversity in this book, aside from what I already mentioned, is that there is mention of a gay character. His role in the story so far is very minimal, but it may grow later.

I am enjoying all of the different characters in the story so far, but the tendency to dwell on backstory for each one is giving me pause. And more than anything, you don’t want your readers to pause. Unless, of course, it’s one of those “awesome line” moments that makes you just stop and think.

Have you read this Pulitzer Prize winning book? Without spoilers, what were your thoughts? I’m going to stick with it for a little while and see if it picks up some steam. Comment below.

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