Jarrod D. King is an author of fantasy and sci-fi. He loves mixing deep characterization with extravagant stories and seeks to bring a new voice to the world.

Jarrod D. King | Author

J-rod, or J-roq, as he is sometimes called, has had a love for writing ever since his days in elementary school. He used to watch Scooby-Doo religiously and once copied the formula to write his first short story. At 12 years of age, his love of video games led him to complete a full script for a game. Finally, his unsuccessful first attempt at crafting an epic for a high school English class served as the seed of inspiration. Now, years later, he has completed his first fantasy novel, Pangaea: Unsettled Land, and has plans for much more.

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Jarrod also has an interest in singing and songwriting. Hear some of his music here!