The Auctorati

Libra, disillusioned from his days as a police officer, has become the Auctorat — a masked vigilante set on bringing his city back to its glory days. With a corrupt government running the show, he comes across an informational book that could lead to enough power to reclaim the city from its leader, Talon. But, it isn’t the only book, and if Talon finds them all first, he could gain control of a fearsome dragon and do greater damage to the country at large. Libra forms a team to aid in his quest to stop Talon and regain control of the city. But, when his mother’s life is suddenly on the line, he’s forced to serve up exactly what Talon wants.

Set six years before the events of Pangaea: Unsettled Land, this is a magical tale of one man’s stand against the powers that be and a testament to the strength of teamwork. Can he save the city or will a threat from inside his own group cause it to fall?

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