Who Are The Auctorati

‘The Auctorati’ – Characters of the ‘Pangaea’ Prequel

If you’ve noticed, lately there’s been a bit more activity for me. Just last week, I released my third short story, The End of Forever, and I’m gearing up for my next major release, The Auctorati. Read on to learn more about the story, how it fits into the world of Pangaea, and just who these people are.

What does Auctorati mean?

Auctorati is the title given to paid volunteers who became gladiators and fought in the Colosseum in Rome. You can get the full definition here, but that’s where I got the name of my fictional group from. Since in Pangaea: Unsettled Land they were bounty hunters, I figured it a fitting name for a paid group of warriors.

What is The Auctorati about?

Tired of seeing his city in ruin, a vigilante forms a team of fighters with a common enemy who’s pulling the strings of government to his own will. Their quest to take him down involves fighting a shadowy gang, dangerous creatures, and each other, all while finding the secrets of a dragon which could be used to destroy them all.

Who are the characters?

Libra - The Auctorati


After quitting the police force, Libra became the city’s protector, known as ‘The Auctorat’. He wants to free the city from the grip of Talon’s corruption, but it will take more than just him…

“If we team up, we have a chance at really changing something.”


With parents killed by mysterious creatures, wise-cracking Vinzant made a life for himself on the streets and sees a need for change. He teams up with Libra to find a way to bring down Talon for good.

“Who’s the sidekick now?”


Micks - The Auctorati

After failing to kill his mark, Talon, and getting the money he needs to live lavishly, this assassin and master of disguise, finds his way into Libra’s group, but who’s side is he on? Talon, is the man with the cash after all…

“Don’t we have the same enemy?”


Kandyce - The Auctorati

After her girlfriend is killed by Talon’s thugs, she vows revenge even if it means burning him with her own magic. However, her mission gets complicated after joining Libra and seeing another life is on the line…

“If I was after you, you’d be dead by now.”


Jack - The Auctorati

When falsely accused of an attempted assassination on the mayor, Chef Jack loses everything. Libra gives him a place to hide out, and in return, Jack lends him a hand. But, someone in the group may have set him up…

“It’ll be hell trying to restore my reputation…”


Talon - The Auctorati

The once-advisor to Queen Aeothesca is now pulling the strings of the mayor in a new city. Always a step behind real power, he seeks the power of a Dragon to make his biggest move yet.

“You will all kneel to me!”

See Who I’d Cast

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