All about LOVE – An Interview With Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

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After leaving his nine-to-five job, Eddie S. Pierce Jr. started the LOVE mini-series with its first entry titled, Something Infinite. It was then that his business, Rainbow Room Publishing Company, was born. From then, he went on to write the second title, From Behind, and he’s now wrapping it up with his upcoming release, Changes. I was so happy to have Eddie on my live YouTube show, LGBTr.

We talked about the series, representation of HIV+ characters, and creating stories that everyone could relate to. Take a look!

LOVE Changes – Eddie S. Pierce Jr. on LGBTr

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Love Changes | Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

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Email Exclusives: Two Short Stories On The Way

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I’m currently in the process of completing two short stories that I will soon be ready to introduce to the world. My idea is to use these short stories as a way to whet readers’ appetites for the way that I write so they’ll be more inclined to buy my books. As of right now, I have my first book available for free as a way to garner email sign-ups, but I would like to start making more money off of that book. The best way to do that would be to write more books (something I’m also working on now), but to have Pangaea: Unsettled Land as a freebie kind of defeats the purpose of having it available on Amazon and other book outlets for a price. I’m excited about the two short stories that I’ve written. Here’s the gist of what they’re about.

What Are The Short Stories About?

The first one is called Pass It On and it’s about a man with a questionable friendship who gets his strange message written around the edge of a dollar. Here’s one of the quotes that I posted on Instagram.

As you can see, it starts to get a little intense. I’m positive that readers will like this one.

For the second one, I still haven’t settled on a final title, but it’s about a real estate agent who knowingly shows off a house that many have deemed to be haunted. I can’t reveal too much, but he does find a buyer by omitting this detail and soon finds out the truth of the story.

Different Genres

One of my worries is that neither of these stories are traditional fantasy which is closer to what Pangaea is. However, my hope is that if readers enjoy the short stories that I have to offer, they’ll be more intrigued to see what a full book from me looks like.

That being said, Pangaea: Unsettled Land will only be available for free up until I’m ready to release the short stories. So if you ever had an interest in reading Pangaea, now is the time to sign up. If you’re interested in the short stories, these two will only be available to email subscribers. Nowhere else! I’m excited to see the reaction and I know that you’ll enjoy reading.

Sign Up Now!

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