Listen to My Podcast, Un-Commuted

Are you ready for more of me? Of course you are! I created a podcast where I post my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. The main series is called Un-Commuted where I tell you what’s going on in my world while driving to and back home from work. If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been trying to start a podcast for a while now. With the update to the app I use, Anchor, I can now make that happen.

Doing a podcast the old-fashioned way would be too costly for me right now. I may have been able to do it in the future, but I wanted to put out audio content as quickly as possible. I have a plan to create a fictional podcast series, but that’s going to take a lot of time and work. For now, you get to learn a little bit more about me every day.

My Podcast Series: Un-Commuted

The idea for Un-Commuted came about out of necessity. I felt a need to create a podcast, but I also needed more time in the day to do it. My commute to and from work is about an hour, so I decided to take advantage of this time. Now, I don’t take up a whole hour talking to you. Most episodes run about ten minutes maximum. So, this is a quick fix of fun topics for your drive or your walk through town. This isn’t all that I upload, however.

More on the Weekend

I work Monday through Friday, so on Saturday and Sunday there is no commute. Instead, I’ve decided to upload past episodes of LGBTr and King for a Dayboth on my YouTube channel. It’s a good way to break things up and provide something different.

I just know you’re going to enjoy listening in. Give the podcast a try on the sidebar of this site and subscribe at the links below now! And please give me a rating. I would be so grateful!

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