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Aw, Nuts!

Writers’ group prompt: (30 minutes to write) You are a figurine brought out because you symbolize a holiday or a season, and you stand for a memorable moment. What are you and why were you purchased?

When the light of day hit my face I was in awe. I’m always “in awe”. The wooden lever on my back is stuck and my mouth hasn’t closed in almost a year. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that I’m finally out of the box, just not “mouth wide open” happy. Looks can be deceiving. And I’m sure that’s what my owners are counting on when they place me on their mantle. The feathers in my hat are mostly gone and my red coat is chipped on the side showing my wooden skin. I feel so exposed. Hopefully they put me in a dark corner somewhere.

I’m only here because my owners’ kids thought I was a toy. When they bought me, they thought I was an early Christmas gift. Boy, were they wrong. My arms don’t move and I have no legs – hardly an action figure. When they found out I was too fragile to actually crack nuts as promised by the box, well… that was enough for them to forget about me.

Yeah, that’s been the pattern every year: take me out and forget about me. But I don’t forget anything. My constant look of surprise is actually quite fitting. If you saw what I saw you may never be able to close your mouth either. Lies, infidelity, arguments… this family is more nuts than I’ll ever need.

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