Jarrod D. King Journal

Stalled But Still Going Strong

After my last post, you can imagine where my head is regarding  this whole journey-to-being-a-full-time-author thing. I still believe perhaps I released my first book too early, but now I have another set of self-critiques that have been threatening my will to keep moving ahead. I’m having trouble finding authors for my YouTube show, moving ahead with a secret project, and writing my next book at a faster pace. All of this has me questioning whether I have what it takes to make my dreams a reality.

I was watching a webinar (seminar on the web) about building my email list and a couple of things hit me hard. The presenter said something along the lines of “Are you doing this to have more freedom and work for yourself?” and “Do you want the ability to travel more?” And the answer to both was “Yes”. Written out, it sounds more like a corny infomercial, but in context, it really aligned with what I want out of my life. I started tearing up because what I want so badly seemed so far away and almost impossible.

I don’t give up, but the small failures make it really hard to keep going. The only thing that really gets me to move past it is that it’s my only choice. I can continue to work on this and create the life I envision for myself, or I can succumb to what feels mundane. At the same time, I have to remain grateful for life as it is. It’s the hardest balancing act, but it’s necessary.

Sometimes when you think about your vision – your future – you get restless and frustrated at your now. Love what you have in the moment and keep moving toward your dreams. I woke up today with a renewed spirit and more energy to make my dreams come true. My hope is that you can do the same.

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