Pangaea Commentary Chapter 8 – An Invitation

Welcome to a new blog series called Pangaea Commentary. Each week I’ll be diving into one chapter of my book, Pangaea: Unsettled Land, in sequential order to give you the following:

  • my thoughts on my intentions for the chapter
  • how things changed through various drafts
  • why you should love this chapter
  • and even why you may stop reading

I’ve learned a lot about my craft by going through the process of writing and publishing this book. This will be a great way to share what I’ve learned and provide some entertaining tidbits.

Spoiler Alert

The following will contain spoilers. Haven’t read Pangaea yet? Buy it now and follow along.

Chapter 8 Summary

In this quick chapter, Slade runs into Douglassaire on the way to class. He hesitates telling him about Lesech, but Doug reassures Slade that he’ll protect him if Lesech were to try anything. Slade puts his trust into Doug and confirms that Lesech is indeed an Etherean. Doug thanks Slade by inviting him and Gisela on a trip to the Southern Third for their upcoming spring break. Slade agrees, but doesn’t reveal he already has plans to go back home and see his family.

What You Should Love

This chapter tied a neat little bow on the beginnings of this story. It gives small details about the governments of the three Great Nations, shows that Slade and Doug are growing even closer, and gives us a different environment to look forward to. I want the reader to question “What is spring break going to be like?” and “How will Slade square his agreement to go with Doug with his overbearing mother?”

What You May Dislike

You may not feel that this earned a full chapter. Looking back on it, this section could have been added to the last chapter and probably made more sense. You also may be looking for the story to jump into a full-on fantasy lane and pick up the pace, but we’re not there yet.

I’m on the fence as to whether I truly did a bad job of pacing. I’ve learned that in typical fantasy books, the plot moves a bit faster, but all of this build-up leads to some great moments that make sense and feel earned. If you stick with it, it pays off. Speaking of…

Next in Chapter 9

You finally get to meet Queen Aeothesca in the next chapter. It’s a long one, but by the end of the chapter you’ll fully understand who she is. While she has a bad rap with how she’s talked about earlier in the book, you may find you empathize with her. Or you could find her to be much worse. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on the Story So Far?

What do you think about Slade and Doug’s budding romance? Do you think the pacing could be better or are you okay with how the story is unfolding? Leave a comment below and let’s talk!

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