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In the Endgame Now…

This past week, I watched Avengers: Endgame, had a blast at Philly Black Pride, and inched even closer to final edits for The Auctorati. Here’s how everything went.

The Epic to End All Epics

No spoilers here.

Endgame. Oh my God. Epic isn’t even the word. It was masterful. As I’ve read recently, there were some problems, but I noticed none of it while watching. I was all-in and those three hours flew by fast in the theater. I took my ten-year-old nephew, Joey, to go watch it and we joined in the laughter and the cheers in the theater and even shed some tears. I’m such a hard-ass that I only halfway got teary, but Joey was downright bawling by the end.

I don’t think I said it any better than right here:

And I saw it on the Thursday when it first released, so I couldn’t wait to talk about this with others:

The movie definitely inspired me to go for that same level of epicness in my stories.Pangaea is just getting started, my friends. Just hang in there with me.

Philly Black Pride

Philly Black Pride was an experience as well. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am now a board member of the organization that puts on a weekend of events catering to the Black LGBTQ community. This was my first one attending as a board member, so I got a very different side than usual.
I attended a discussion about toxic masculinity, the opening event at our host hotel, Aloft Hotel, with TS Madison, my first-ever Pose-like ball, The List, which was all the way live, and ended it at a block party with friends.

Despite some hiccups, I enjoyed myself and delighted in learning about what went into Philadelphia’s Black gay pride. I have some ideas about how to make it better and I’m looking forward to discussing them with the rest of the board.

Auctorati Update

Regarding my upcoming novella, I’ve improved my manuscript to the point where I was able to delete about 99% of my editor’s sidebar comments. I’ve removed a couple chapters, added some scenes, and I’m happy with where it is right now. I just need to fine-tune a few things and then get into the next phase: proofreading, formatting, and cover art. It’s been so long since I last published that I’m a little bit out of practice, but I’m sure it will all come back to me once I get into it. Aside from that, I’m looking forward to editing a couple other stories I have left to complete and writing the next couple of big ideas.

Thanks so much for giving me your time and reading this. I’m doing my best to push out quality content, and your attention means so much to me. I won’t waste it!

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