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Saving Mental Energy – Jarrod’s Journal

I want to do something so that I keep this blog updated, so I decided to go back to old-school style blogging and keep a journal. This comes after pondering what else I could do that wouldn’t require me to think so much. Past blog posts have been so thought out that it keeps the pressure on to create. But I’m writing a book and using my creative energy to create (hopefully) compelling Instagram and Snapchat stories, set up live author interviews, and do my day job (which is basically writing for eight hours straight). I’m not complaining, but I needed a way to feel like I wasn’t neglecting my main site while at the same time not draining myself unnecessarily.

This is where my mind was just four days ago…

I blame Gary Vaynerchuk for this constant state of modification and angst. I’ve been listening to him every day for a while now and while he makes a ton of sense, I have to be aware of what works for me. That’s a hard thing to do because I think I can do it all. In practice, I can’t. Let me explain:

I know I’m capable of putting out good content on a consistent basis on any platform, but because of the sheer number of platforms, I just feel stretched thin. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Website, Email, YouTube – it seems like too much for one person to keep up well and consistently. My frustration has been with hitting the wall of what I have time and energy to do, but for some reason I still persist. I think this is because I believe that there is some strategy out there that will allow me to maintain all of these platforms, write a book, and go to work. I just need to modify my management a little bit more. I have a serious never-give-up mentality that causes me to ignore failures and explore solutions until every stone is turned. Doing a journal like this is just another turning of a stone. Hopefully this will be the stone that allows me to put blogging on an automatic level versus using the serious thought I have used before. I need to save that stuff for the next book!

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