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Are you an author in the Black LGBTQ community who wants to tell the world about your work? You’ve come to the right place! Put your book in front of potentially thousands of readers by joining me for an interview on YouTube. Best of all, it’s free!

LGBTr – An Interview Show to Promote Your Book

Whether your book is soon to be released, brand new, or even a few years old, I’ve provided a platform for you to show yourself. I host a live show on YouTube, titled LGBTr (Lots Of Good Books to Read). This is where I interview Black LGBTQ authors about their life and their work. It’s a great way to increase your discoverability in a noisy world that doesn’t value marginalized voices enough. Make this your next stop on the blog tour!

What You Get

When you do an interview with me, not only do you get an entertaining video you can embed to your website, but also:

  • An edited video clip to share on Twitter and Instagram
  • A blog post on this site
  • Added to the list of Black LGBTQ Authors on this site
  • Expanded visibility when I share this to my networks

Here’s How It Looks

Take a look at a couple of shows I’ve done and see the value for yourself! Then head to the next section to see what to do next.

Jayce Baron

Toni Newman

Schedule Your Time Today!

It’s easy and free! Just shoot me an email at to get started. I’ll send more info of what I need from you to get the ball rolling (signed release form, photos, e-book).

Let’s talk and get your story out to the world!