Jefferey Spivey – Deeper than Fashion

Jefferey Spivey

In the second episode of my live author interview series, The Read, I talked with Jefferey Spivey of Uptown Bourgeois. He’s a freelance writer and fashion blogger who recently took his work into deeper areas of thought. This transformation lead to the completion of his first book, It’s Okay If You Don’t Read Everything. It’s a compilation of essays and articles from his blog along with a few new ones. I recommend giving it a look because every page leaves you laughing, smiling, or reflecting.

The bulk of the book is about the lessons Jefferey has learned from life; everything from being stereotyped as a tall Black man to breaking away from a job he didn’t like in order to live on his own terms. Our conversation tackles finding love, diversity in the fashion industry, and finding your own personal definition of success.

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Samuel Alexander: The Perils of Publishing

Samuel Alexander

I am delighted to share an interview with my first author friend, Samuel Alexander. He’s the multi-genre writer of books like Virgil, Dana, and Salinor: The Beginnings, and has recently released a new book that’s a gritty take on the coming of age story.

Samuel Alexander Novel

His latest story involves multiple gay characters of color, but as we all know, there is more to growing up than just dealing with sexuality. We talk all about that title, Brothers and Frenemies, as well as his experience with publishing. This is one interview other writers and independent authors will not want to miss.  Check out the video below and follow Sam on Facebook and view his blog for even more.

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