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Do Authors Need to Write Every Day?


Maybe I need to rethink this “write every day” thing. It’s a standard idea among authors, so, when I don’t,  it gives me unnecessary pressure. I have a job, I’m producing daily content on social media for marketing purposes, and I’m trying to work out regularly. Sometimes, I just don’t have the time to write. And if I end up not writing a word in my latest book, I feel bad. It’s like I failed or let myself down. That’s not a good feeling to have because, as a result, I slow down.

This past week, I’ve been trying to focus on getting real with myself. I ponder thoughts like Who am I? What am I capable of?, and Have I done enough? All of those really amount to Am I doing the right thing? and the answer I keep getting is that I am doing just fine. I don’t need to be the guy who stays up until two in the morning and I don’t need to hit all of the objectives on my list every single day. Why? Two answers:

  1. The amount that I want to get done is a lot, and
  2. I’m just not built to run myself ragged day after day.

I do my best and I make sure that I move the ball forward. Progress is key. It may not be as fast as I’d like, but the alternative is to mope about how I can’t do what I need. This feeling can go on for days, as it has this past week. When it does, normal objectives fall through the cracks and sometimes I don’t do anything. If only I celebrated that I did what I can, I could continue getting a lot more done and progressing.

This isn’t an excuse. These are the best of my abilities. If you can stay up until 2:00 AM and wake up at 6:00 AM for work without feeling like a corpse, then that’s what you should do. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t be something you’re not, but always work at your best. That’s what I learned this week. And it’s something I’m going to remember moving forward.

So, should authors write every day?

Well, yes, but only if you can. My suggestion would be to not compare yourself to what everyone else is doing. Do as much as you can and be okay with that. You will get the book done. You will meet your objectives. You will be fine. Stop beating yourself up. Your only competition is you. So, do you.

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Jarrod D. King Does Reading and Book Signing at Xscape Puerto Rico

Xscape PR Jarrod King

I’m excited to announce that this Memorial Day weekend I’ll be attending the 2nd annual Xscape Puerto Rico festival! It’s an LGBT arts and culture music fest that celebrates the achievements of many in the community. Among stars like Brandy and Raven Symone, you’ll get to see me!

I’ll be part of a group of authors who will do readings and book signings. There’s so much more to do, as well. When I first attended last year, I enjoyed parties at night, special panels with VIPs, a pool fashion show, and an excursion into the heart of Puerto Rico. It’s all-inclusive and an absolutely fun time. It would be great to see you.

Here’s more information about the event:

What to expect at Xscape Puerto Rico

Join Jarrod King at Xscape Puerto Rico
Live concerts, island excursions, film fest, networking parties, Vanguard awards gala, and more!

How to attend the event

May 26-29, 2017



Raven Symone

Eva Marcille

Candice Glover

B. Slade

Sampson McCormick

Angel McCoughtry

Angela Robinson

And more!

To join us, visit or call 404-756-8433.

Visit us on Facebook & Instagram at Xscape Puerto Rico.


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